Natural and Compatible With Skin!

Due to the smooth and delicate spinning feature of the fiber, a soft touch is obtained in the product.



Lenzing Viscose®, whose raw material is mainly the wood of beech-tree, is also a cellulose-based fiber like cotton.

Lenzing Viscose® absorbs more humidity than cotton does and it includes 11-14 percent of humidity under standard conditions. It also absorbs approximately 80-120 percent water, because of the fact that it has a high distension capacity.

The dry tensile strength of Lenzing Viscose® is less than cotton, while wet tensile strength is much lower.

Thanks to the high humidity absorbing capacity, Lenzing Viscose® is appropriate for dying and printing. This characteristic also leads to brighter colours.

Lenzing Viscose® is a favourite fiber in the production of inlet materials, blouses, shirts, t-shirts, garments, decoration materials and women’s underwear.

Lenzing Viscose® fiber is also used as blends with cotton, linen, wool and other types of fiber.

Our Viscose Fabric Qualities

Article Code Quality Composition Speciality Width cm Weight( gr/ m2)
AR-10107 30s PoliyViscose S.Jersey with EA 48% Pes 48% Viscose %4 EA 180 205
AR-10111 30/1 Vortex Viscose S. Jersey With Ea 97% Viscose 3% Ea 185 210 or 220
AR-10112 Single Jersey 93% Viscone 7% Ea 185 270 or 280
AR-10113 Single Jersey 95% Viscone 5% Ea 125 235
AR-30107 Punto di roma 70% Viscose 25% Pes 5% Ea 175 300
AR-30108 Punto di roma 87% Viscose 10% Pes 3% Ea 175 365