Soft, bright, impressive


Modal, produced from the wood of beech-tree, is a kind of completely natural fiber which has high dry and wet tensile strength values. It is quite resistant to wear and, in addition, it transfers humidity extremely well. Woven or knitted fabrics made of Modal, have a smooth handle. Thanks to its feature to transfer humidity very well, Modal gives wearing comfort even in hot, moist climatic conditions.

Modal fiber’s behaviour resembles the cotton fiber in finishing processes; now that it is not thermoplastic, but regenerated cellulose based. When used in 100 percent, Modal does not require any bleaching and mercerization processes, thanks to the original white colour of the fiber.

New generation fibre Lyocell!

Naturalness, High Strength, Flexibility, Color Fastness, Brightness, Comfort


Tencel™, a kind of regenerated cellulose-based fiber, represents high tenacity against intensive mechanical processes. Tencel™ has the ability to breath. It transfers humidity very well, and it does not cause any discomfort in case of perspiration. It keeps its brightness and colour even after several times of washing.

In addition to its high absorbing capacity, it is easy to get the soft and stretching handle from Tencel™ products. Fiber distention and fiber modulus should be considered while composing fabric construction from Tencel™ yarns. High modulus and strength might mean that Tencel™ fibers will not easily distort in the fabric and will regain their original shapes and positions.

Tencel™ has three different types called Tencel™ StandardTencel™ A100Tencel™ LFTencelin The fibrillation feature of the Tencel™ Standard contributes to the fabric appearance and handle. The smooth handle of the fabric, thanks to this fibrillation feature, has known as ‘peach skin effect’ in the textile industry.

Tencel™ A100 and Tencel™ LF has been developed for customers who want to benefit from the characteristics of Tencel™, such as brightness, naturalness, high wet and dry tensile strength, but believe that the peach skin effect is not appropriate for their products. Tensile strength and modulus of Tencel™ A100 and Tencel™ LF are 10 percent lower than Tencel™ Standard. However, these types absorb water more easily than standard type does due to their open structure.

It is possible to blend and dye Tencel™ fiber with other fiber types.

However, in Tencel™/cotton blend dying, a light/dark effect appears instead of a homogeneous colour, as Tencel™ is dyed darker compared to cotton.

Tencel™ provides perfect colour fastness and brightness, which have great importance, particularly in outerwear.



The second silky soft winter underneath the original wool, which is formed with the aim of protecting the rare Capra goats living in high and cool springs from extreme cold climate conditions in the coldest periods in just 3 months of the year, requires craftsmanship.



Bamboo fiber is naturally antibacterial and bacteriostatic, fine hygroscopic and permeable, smooth and soft, as well as ultraviolet-proof. They can be spun purely or blended together with cotton, hemp, thin silk, woollens, Tencel, Modal, polyester, spandex etc. Its downstream products can be applied for bedding articles, bathroom fittings, nonwoven cloth, medicinal materials (bandage, mask, surgical clothes, nurses wears), underwear, socks, clothes, decorating articles etc.

Bamboo fiber has particular and natural functions of anti-bacteria, bacteriostasis and deodorization. It is validated by Japan Textile Inspection Association that, even after fifty times of washing, bamboo fiber fabric still possesses the excellent function of anti-bacteria, bacteriostasis.

The bamboo fiber was 100% made from bamboo through the high-tech process. In addition, bamboo fiber is biodegradable textile material. As a natural cellulose fiber, it can be completely biodegraded in soil by microorganism and sunshine. The decomposition process doesn’t cause any pollution to the environment.

Bamboo fiber boasts advantages of breathability and coolness. According to authoritative testing figures, apparels made from bamboo fibers are 1-2 degrees lower than normal apparels in hot summer. Apparel made from bamboo fiber is crowned as Air Conditioning Dress.

Our Luxury Fabric Qualities

Article Code Quality Composition Speciality Width cm Weight( gr/ m2)
AR-10110 30/1 MicroModal Single Jersey With EA 92% MicroModal 8% EA 175 310
AR-10114 Tencel Single Jersey 100% Tencel(Lyocell) 170 145
AR-10115 Modal Cotton Single Jersey 50% Modal 50% Cotton 170 150
AR-10119 Single Jersey 95% Micromodal 5% EA 170 220
AR-10120 Single Jersey-Siro yarn 95% Micromodal 5% EA 170 220
AR-10140 Cotton Modal S. Jersey With EA 42% Cotton 42% Modal 6% EA 170 170
AR-20102 30s Tencel( Lyocell ) Rib 100% Tencel(Lyocell) 180 170-180
AR-20105 30s Modal Rib - Melange 100% Modal 175 170
AR-20110 30s Tencel( Lyocell ) Rib With EA 96% Tencel(Lyocell) 4% EA 180 220
AR-10141 Micromodal Single Jersey With. EA 90% Micromodal 10% EA 160 150
AR-10142 Micromodal Cashmere Single Jersey 90% MicroModal 10% Cashmere 170 120
AR-20113 Micromodal 2*2 Rib With EA 95% MicroModal 5% EA 120 200
AR-10143 30S Tencel Single Jersey With EA 95% Tencel(Lyocell) 5% EA 180 220